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Martinis and Meatball monday nights. join us every monday in the bar from 4p.m. until 6:30 p.m. Martinis- build your own: vodka or gin/dry or sweet/dirty/olives/ get the idea-$5, Belvedere martini- belvedere vodka/wave the vermouth bottle over the top/twist and or olives- $8, square cucumber martini: hendricks/muddled cucumber/twist-$8, notlets filthy blue martini: notlets silver gin/lots of blue cheese olives/mist of vermouth- $10. complimentary meatballs $4p.m. - 6:30.
Taco Tuesdays. Every tuesday from 4p.m. - 10 p.m. @ the bar we will feature 3 different types of taco 3 for $9. This weeks great tacos- carne asada: grilled hanger steak/flour tortilla/napa slaw/guacamole/pico di gallo/goat cheese crema, fish tacos: fried snapper/cotja cheese/pico di gallo/ corn tortilla/shredded lettuce, southern tacos: grilled chicken/fried green tomatoes/slaw/cajun remoulade/pickled onions. $10 pitchers classic margaritas.
Wednesday night burgers & hot dogs @ the bar. i-Bar burgers: 6oz innov special grind patty/toasted potato roll/lettuce/tomato/american cheese/i-sauce= $5 *make mine a double $8.5 *, Bacon kimchee burger: our special grind/American cheese/kimchee slaw/bacon/siracha mayo=$8, Hummus burger: hummus/seasme oil/pickled onions/picked cucumbers/arugula=$7, straight up dog: minced white onions/pickle relish/yellow mustard = $5, Greek dog: feta/tzatziki/hummus/chopped olives = $6, House-made onion rings = $5, house-made krinkle cut fries=$4.