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Acts of Random Kindness Program

The ARK program was started to encourage and empower our staff to make a difference in the lives of our guests. Each shift our servers are required to complete an ARK form telling us what they did during that shift to make a guest's experience outstanding! What did they do to go above and beyond to be kind to people. Our belief is that you never know what profound effect you might have on a person with just a simple kind act. This entire program grew out of a simple kind act for a little girl and her doll.

One afternoon John was standing at the hostess stand of Maestros. A family of four came in and the little girl was carrying a giant doll. John joked that “we would have to get a highchair for your doll”. As the guests were seated, John asked a server to get the little girl a high chair. The little girl was so excited and placed the doll in the chair. Her mother then took her to the restroom. The father then came to the hostess stand and asked to see John. The father explained to John that he had no idea what he had just done for his daughter. The father explained that about a year ago they lost her little sister. The little girl now carried the doll with them in place of her sister, so she would feel her sister was still there with them. You just never know what a little kindness will do. innovo kitchen will expand upon this idea and use our great food and hospitality to make a difference in your community.

Each year Innovo Kitchen will select a charity to be the benefactor of this program. This program will feature many events and specials through the year to raise monies for this charity.

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