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Deal a Meal for the Regional Food Bank

Taking Pre-Orders Now. These cards will only be sold if a minimum number of 20 are ordered.

Enjoy a meal for 2 each week for an entire year!

Regional Food Bank. Northeastern new york52 weeks of great meals for you and 52 meals for people who are hungry for $1500! For each deck purchased you enjoy 2 meals each week for $14.42 each and you provide a meal each week for someone who is hungry. Join this very special club before it's too late!

To learn more and to purchase a deal of a meal email: or phone: 518.608.1466

Innovo Kitchen is offering 100 guests a great deal on a year's worth of dining to enjoy and to help feed the hungry. We are selling 100 decks of very special playing cards. Each week for the next year, a card can be redeemed for 2 food items on any of our menus with no price limitation or rule. You can enjoy dinner, lunch or brunch for 2 each week for an entire year! What's even better is each card is transferable. If you cannot make it one week, just give the card to a friend or family member to enjoy.

How The Deal Works:

Each card represents a week of the year. A calendar will be provided with the deck of cards as well as being available on our website. Each week you will receive an email reminder of that week's meal card.

Each deck will be associated with an email address and we will keep track of when they are redeemed. Should you forget or misplace a card we will be able to honor it with no problem.

Each deck has 2 jokers. Each joker can be redeemed for a bottle of wine off our wine list up to a $50 value at any time during the year. This joker may be used with or without using one of the meal cards.

Each deck will also include an invitation to a very special preview party of the newest restaurant created by Chef John LaPosta. That invitation will include dinner for 2 (alcohol excluded) the week before the restaurant officially opens to the public. All we ask is for you to fill out a short "very honest" critique of your experience.